Summarise de Bono's Thinking Hats and the ways they can be used.

Develop an example of how you might use this in a classroom / centre / staff meeting.

Makes you look at decisions from a variety of perspectives. Can be used by a range of people from top executives to 4 year olds. Alternative to traditional argument as is faster, more constructive and eliminates egos. Separates the different modes of thinking as our brains cannot think in different directions at once. Enables better decision making as it forces people outside their habitual ways of thinking.
Younger children can start with less hats (e.g. yellow, black and green).
Can be used as a form of self-assessment (e.g. in discussions and worksheets)
Can be used to teach the ways of thinking - causes children to think about their thinking.
Can be used for oral language (e.g. newspaper item 'Tamahere fire' - red hat - how do you feel about this?)