This page will focus on the areas from the Wonderings Wall at the WaiLite Workshop.

  1. Start Simple - with Y0-1 you need to start by determining what a question is. Ask children to write some questions they have about e.g. a picture. Write whatever they give you on strips of paper. Go back through each and have the children decide if they are questions or statements. Look at the words at the beginning of questions and make a list. Have chn make them into caption cards with pictures.
  2. Develop open and closed questions - again students can write questions they have about a topic, picture, photo etc onto strips of paper. Discuss each and arrange into open and closed questions. Decide what makes questions ope or closed - children make a visual to remember this by - put in their toolkit.
  3. Use The Question Matrix
  4. Use Jamie McKenzie Question Toolkit - introduce one type of question at a time and how to use.
  5. Use Harpaz and Lefstein Fertile Questions criteria to fertilise your questions.
  6. Please all levels check out the junior page as there are lots of ideas there that are transferable to other levels

    Questioning section of intended presentation to WaiLite Cluster