Summarise the components of SPACE Thinking

Develop an example of how you might use this in a classroom / centre / staff meeting

Silence: Wait time, minimum 3 secs but for higher level cognitive tasks 5 secs. Wait time is important to increse the level of cognitive functioning and academic achievement and decrease the number of behavioural problems.
Providing Data:
7 different ways of providing data.
Purpose is to guide learners to process data:
  • Classifying
  • feedback regarding performance
  • "I" messages - personal information
  • finding data and information for themselves through experimenting with materials
  • making inferences
  • providing reference materials
  • responding to students requests.
  • labelling the thinking process or behaviour
Accepting without Judgement:
  • Accepting all comments
  • Watch your passive feedback- face/body
  • paraphrasing-repeating what Child had said to make sure you understood them correctly
  • The teacher does not understand what the student says and needs more information. This teaches Chn that their ideas are valued and worthy of exploration.
  • Shows that the concept is understood and the emotion behind it is also understood.