Summarise the components of SPACE Thinking

SPACE - response behaviours used by successful teachers to create the right atmosphere to learn HoM (Habits of Mind)
S= silence (wait time),
P= providing data (feedback/feed forward)
A= accepting without judgement (students feel safe)
C= clarifying (teacher needs more information)
E= empathising (teacher acknowledges emotion & understanding)
All students can develop and improve - it's a lifelong process.
Teacher makes clear that the responsibility for thinking belongs to the student.
It needs to be taught directly and continually revisited - in every subject and often.
Students must work in a rich environment and have access to many resources - books, internet, people, field trips etc.
They need to be taught in a sequence which matches the student's development.
Students need to track their own learning and continually reflect - teacher guided discussions are necessary as are opportunities to use HoM.

Develop an example of how you might use this in a classroom / centre / staff meeting